Exercise 6.1 Class 10 Maths Chapter 6 Triangles

Exercise 6.1 Class 10 Maths Chapter 6 Triangles

1. Fill in the blanks using the correct word given in brackets :
(i) All circles are…. (congruent, similar)
(ii) All squares are….. (similar, congruent)
(iii) All ___ triangles are similar. (isosceles, equilateral)
(iv)Two polygons of the same number of sides are similar, if (a) their corresponding angles are Equal and (b) their corresponding sides are proportional.

2. Give two different examples of pair of (i) similar figures. (ii) non-similar figures.


(i) similar figures: Two rectangles, two circles, two equilateral triangles

Real life examples: Same shoes of different number; a 5kg gas cylinder and 15 kg cylinder.

(ii) non-similar figures: A circle and a triangle; a triangle and a square.

Real life examples: Two glasses of different shapes; two cloths of different design and shape.

3.State whether the following quadrilaterals are similar or not:

Exercise 6.1 Class 10 Maths Chapter 6 Triangles

Answer: Two quadrilaterals are similar when the ratio of their corresponding sides are the same and the corresponding angles are also the same. Here, Both quadrilaterals have different angles; quadrilateral A is Rhombus while Quadrilateral B is square. So, they are not similar quadrilaterals.

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