Coal and Petroleum MCQ

Coal and Petroleum MCQ/Objective Questions Chapter 5  Science Class 8

Which among these is man-made?

  • a. Air
  • b. Water
  • c. Petroleum
  • d. Cloth
d. Cloth

Strike out which is inexhaustible.

  • a. Petrol
  • b. Water
  • c. Sunlight
  • d. Coal
c. Sunlight

Which among these is not exhaustible?

  • a. Air
  • b. Wild-life
  • c. Natural gas
  • d. Forest
a. Air

Coal, petroleum and natural gas are formed from dead remains of organisms over millions of year. So, they are also called:

  • a. Clean fuels
  • b. In-exhaustible fuels
  • c. Cheap fuels
  • d. Fossil fuels
d. Fossil fuels

Which amng these is not an use of coal?

  • a. In cooking
  • b. In-running thermal powers
  • c. In driving steam engines
  • d. In hydroelectric dam
d. In hydroelectric dam

Process of conversion of dead organisms into coal is called:

  • a. Precipitation
  • b. Fossilisation
  • c. Carbonification
  • d. Bilogical magnification
c. Carbonification

Which among these is not a product of coal?

  • a. Coke
  • b. Coal gas
  • c. Coal tar
  • d. Petrol

Napthalene balls that we use in cloths to repel insects come from:

  • a. Coal tar
  • b. Crude oil
  • c. Coke
  • d. Soil
a. Coal tar

Light automobiles like motorcycle and scooter run on:

  • a. Compact Natural Gas (CNG)
  • b. Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
  • c. Petrol
  • d. Disel
c. Petrol

Heavy mtor vehicle like truck and tractors run on:

  • a. Petrol
  • b. Diesel
  • c. Electricity
  • d. Sun-light
b. Diesel

Which among these is not a constituent of petroleum?

  • a. Petroleum gas
  • b. Lubricating oil
  • c. Paraffin wax
  • d. Coal gas
d. Coal gas

Different constituents of petroleum isseperated at:

  • a. Petroleum well
  • b. Petroleum refinery
  • c. Thermal plant
  • d. Water dam
b. Petroleum refinary

Which fuel can not be transported through pipes?

  • a. Natural gas
  • b. Petrol
  • c. Diesel
  • d. Coal
d. Coal

Why we use compressed natural gas into transport vehicle?

  • a. It is renewable
  • b. It is abundant
  • c. It is cheap
  • d. It is clean
d. It is clean

Natural gas can be transported through pipes. Currently we have pipe distribution of natural gas in:

  • a. Vadodra
  • b. Some parts of Delhi
  • c. Both
  • d. None
c. Both

Natural gas is found in:

  • a. Rajasthan
  • b. Tripura
  • c. Maharastra
  • d. Krishna Godavari delta
  • e. All
e. All

Why do we need to utilize petroleum carefully?

  • a. It is exhaustible
  • b. It produces air pollution
  • c. It causes global warming
  • d. All three
d. All three

How can we reduce petroleum consumption during driving?

  • a. By driving at constant and moderate speed
  • b. By switching off the engine at traffic and idle state
  • c. By keeping optimum tyre pressure
  • d. By regular servicing of the vehicle
  • e. All
e. All

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Coal and Petroleum MCQ/Objective Questions Chapter 5  Science Class 8

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