Coal and Petroleum Activity Solution

Coal and Petroleum Activity Solution Chapter 5 Class 8 Science

Activity 5.1

Activity 5.1 asks us to classify commonly used substances into natural and man-made.



Sunlight, air, water, animals, birds,


Book, pen, bed, watch, toys, cloth, mobile phone, computer


Classifying items into man-made and naturally make us aware that some substances are made by us while many others are given by the nature.

The source of man-made substances also come from nature as the raw material comes from nature.

This emphasizes that all substances come from nature.

Activity 5.2

Activity 5.2 asks us to pass food materials from one group to another group and see if there is something left for the third group. Here, the 1st group is smaller and the third group is the biggest.


No foodies are there for the third group.


When the item is limited and there are many people to use it, then there are peoples who did not get them at all.


Our resources like coal, petroleum, energy etc are also limited and our population increases in multiples 1 to 2 and 2 to 4. If we do not use our resources carefully and do not seek alternatives then no item will be left for the future generation.

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Coal and Petroleum Activity Solution Chapter 5 Class 8 Science

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