An Alien Hand Summary Class 7 English Supplementary Reader

An Alien Hand Summary Class 7 English Supplementary Reader NCERT

An Alien Hand (Chapter 10) is an amusive fiction by the author Astrophysicist Jayant Narlikar. The story narrates why the Viking mission of NASA to find life on Mars failed.

The story begins with a kid Tilloo. Tilloo lives with his parents and other people beneath the surface of Mars. Some people go to the surface and work through a passage. Tilloo wants to know what is behind this passage.

Tilloo goes to the secret passage

One day Tilloo’s father was napping. Tillo got the opportunity and grabbed the father’s security card. Tilloo went ahead and crossed the metal gate. But soon security devices detected the unauthorized person and brought Tilloo to his home. Tilloo’s mother was frowned and angry upon Tilloo.

The Truth behind the passage

Till now Tilloo’s father had woke up. He gently explained ” earlier his planet was good for living. A small change in the Sun affected the planet a lot and made our life hostile from then. First, the bird died and then the fishes. Since then we are living underneath the planet. To support the life we have put machinery on the surface. I go there to watch and repair them. The air is very thin there and the temperature is low there. I wear oxygen and suit to survive there. You can not go as such. If you want to go you will have to grow and ”

Alien Spacecraft

A cartoon representation of approaching alien spacecraft

The next day Tilloo’s father took Tilloo to the work-place. This was a great day for Tilloo. But unexpectedly, there was a big crowd there. They came to know that two alien spacecraft was approaching the planet and all the workers were watching it on the display screen.

Soon one planet landed on the planet. The president came with the announcement. His team consisted of an in-charge of defense (Number 1), a committee of scientists (Number 2), and a social scientist(Number 3). The president asked their options.  Number one believed to not to destroy the spacecraft in space but to wait and let it approach the planet. Number two believed that “we don’t know the technology and the intention. So we should watch passively and not reveal our existence.” The third one who hardly agreed-upon number two also agreed with no. 2. He explained that “our plant condition gives the impression of no life. We should minimize our activity to do that”

Tilloo pressing the Red Button

Soon the plane landed on the planet. A mechanical hand slowly came out of the craft and started collecting the soil. There was a red button on the control room. It was intriguing Tilloo. His father saw it and tried to stop Tilloo. But it was too late, Tilloo had pushed the button.

                                                                        NASA’s MARS space-craft

(NASA at the same time was having a press conference on the Earth. It announced that his craft has stopped working.)

Tilloo’s father gently neutralized the button position.

(NASA at the same time announced a press release. “our technician has overcome the malfunction and our craft has collected soil sample. Unfortunately, the Mars soil does not contain any trace of life”)

Explanation of the story:

The story lets you imagine the region of why NASA did not see the sign of life on Mars. From the story, a person can see that people living on Mars did not want to let aliens know that they exist beneath the surface.  So, when NASA sent the craft on mission Mars, they did not get ant thing.


***An Alien Hand Summary Class 7 with explanation English Supplementary Reader NCERT***


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