Activity 2.6 NCERT Class 9 Science Is Matter Around Us Pure

Activity 2.6 NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 1 Is Matter Around Us Pure#

Separation of kerosene from the water using a separator.


Separate kerosene from the mixture of water and kerosene

Brief procedure:

Activity 2.6 asks us to separate kerosene and water mixture by using a separator. A separator is a funnel-like apparatus. It can be used to separate immiscible liquids.


Water is heavier and sinks at the bottom. When we open the stopcock, the water separates out from the kerosene.


An immiscible liquid is a mixture of two or more liquids which do not mix with each other. For example, all types of cooking oil are immiscible with the water. In case of immiscible liquid heavier liquid settle at the bottom and the lighter liquid floats on the top.

A separator is a simple instrument to ease the process of separation. It has an opening at the top. We pour the liquid mixture from this opening and let it settle for a few minutes using a stand. After a few minutes, immiscible liquids form separate layers, which we filter out one by one.

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