Activity 2.4 Nutrition in Animals Solution Science Class 7

Activity 2.4 Nutrition in Animals Solution Science Class 7

What activity asks?

Activity 2.4 asks us to taste different flavours of food viz. sweet, sour, salty and bitter at different places of the tongue and observe what we taste.


every flavour has a specific location for their taste. 

Tip of the tongue makes us feel sweet while the back of tongue makes us aware of bitter; sides give us feeling of salty and sour.

If we use different flavour at another location, we do not feel the taste.

Activity 2.3 Nutrition in Animals


The tongue contains numerous taste centre. These taste centre appear like a bud, so we call them as taste bud. Every taste bud detects any of these four flavours. The tip of the tongue contains mainly the bud which detects sweetness in the food. Besides sweet taste buds, there are numerous buds that detect salt. Beyond salt taste bud, there is taste bud for sour and on the back, there are sensors for bitter taste.

If we put salt on the place which detects bitter, then there is no sensory stimulation. As a result, we do not feel any taste.


Some medicines and some foods like pickle may affect these taste bud which may result in altered taste perception.


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Ref: NCERT class Science chapter 2.


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