A Strange Wrestling Match Summary

A Strange Wrestling Match Summary in English  Chapter 10 A pact with the Sun

A strange wrestling match is a fictional Rajasthani folk tale by Indira David. This story revolves around a boastful wrestler named Vijay Singh, whose boastfulness lead him into trouble when he proclaimed that he will fight with the ghost.


There was a desert near the town. People were afraid of that place.

Boastful Vijay 

Now Vijay already proclaimed but was also afraid too. But words spoken can not come back. So, he was forced to walk into the desert that evening. A woman gave him a lump of salt and an egg. That lady was known for her unusual behaviour.

Desert Ghost

In the desert, he met a ghost. Most people fainted when they see a ghost but Vijay did not fear ( at least he did not show).

Vijay told him that he has come to meet you only.

The ghost was insulted and demanded proof of his strength.

The defeat of the ghost

Vijay took a rock and pressed it hard. At the same time, he brought the egg given by the woman and crushed it secretly in the moonlight and  said: “see, I have compressed it so much that it is making crackling sound and flowing like a liquid.”

Now, the ghost tried. But nothing happened.

Vijay now took the lump of salt and said this rock is made of salt, taste it.

Ghost’s hidden agenda

The ghost was surprised by the strength of the Vijay. He thought he can not win Vijay in strength. He changed into a pleasing behavior and invited him to stay the night in his house. Pleased Vijay said if he comes tomorrow with him as a prisoner then only he will accept the hospitality. The ghost agreed but from inside he was making a plan to kill Vijay.

Ghost’s house

The ghost took Vijay to his house. House was full of a luxury, a big bed with cushions and pillows. He gave Vijay dry fruits to eat and a lot of milk.

Now it was night and both slept. Suddenly Vijay woke up. He was not able to sleep with the snore of the ghost.

He put the bolster like he is sleeping and went to a corner and sat there.

Ghost’s attempt to kill Vijay

To his surprise, he saw a ghost rising and coming to the bed with a stout club. The ghost attacked the bolster with the club once and then again six times to be sure of Vijay’s death.

Vijay silently went into the bed but was in disgust and anger. He sat up and threw aside the bolster.

The ghost was now awake. He was shocked to see Vijay alive doing stretching and yawning.

Vijay replied “there is an insect in your home. They did not bit, but I remember their flapping which happened 7 times.

Fly of the ghost

The ghost was now scared. He thought that one club was enough to kill a person and sever would have turned an ordinary person into a lump. But, this Vijay is invincible and very strong, There is no safety in being near to him.

Return of Vijay

The ghost flung away leaving the luxurious home full of ornaments and jewels. Vijay took all the precious materials there and carried to the village in several camels.

Now Vijay and the villager were happy. Vijay went to the lady and asked her girl for marriage. After that, no traveller got into trouble in the desert.

Moral of the story

This story teaches us to be thoughtfully before speaking. It asks us to be not boastful and fight with unwanted situations strongly.

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A Strange Wrestling Match Summary Chapter 10 A pact with the Sun


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