A Strange Wrestling Match Solution

A Strange Wrestling Match Solution/Question-Answer Chapter 10 A pact Wit The Sun

Questions Page number 46

1. What was Vijay Singh’s weakness? Which awkward situation did it push him into?

Answer: Vijay was fond of boasting himself.

In a group, he boasted that he wants to meet with a stout ghost. Everyone fears from ghosts. Vijay though told so, but he had never seen any ghost. Words once spoken can not come back. So, unwillingly he had to go to the haunted desert to meet a ghost. This put him into an awkward situation.

2. Was the old woman’s gift to Vijay Singh eccentric? Why?

The woman gave Vijay a lump of salt and an egg. People usually gift valuable and precious and enjoyable things to dear peoples. No one gives such things as a gift to anyone. So, such gives was an eccentric.

3. Why did Vijay Singh ask the ghost disguised as Natwar to come closer?

In wrestling before the start of fight wrestles judge the opponent. Here too, Vijay wanted to know his enemy. So, he called the ghost to come along.

4. What made the ghost speechless? Why?

Usually, people fear from ghosts. They do not want to see the ghosts. Contrary to other people, Vijay was not only keen to meet a ghost but also wanted a fight with the ghost. When Vijay told the ghost that he wants to fight with a ghost, the ghost was speechless.

5. Why did Vijay Singh say “Appearances can be deceptive”?

Appearances can be deceptive is a phrase. It says that what we see is not always true. For example, a studious student may look like a normal student, but he can score full marks in subjects.

The ghost wanted to judge Vijay, his strength, determination and courage.

Vijay was trying to show he is brave and strong. To reinforce his strength, he told that phrase.

Questions Page number 51

1. How did Vijay Singh use the egg? How did he use the lump of salt?

Vijay pretended to crush the rock and secretly pressed the egg. The breakdown of the shell of the egg gave the illusion of cracking stone. This showed the strength of Vijay. Furthermore, Vijay showed the yellow yolk coming from the egg and said the rock is filled with fluid.

Vijay crushed the lump of the salt and gave it to the ghost saying that the taste of the rock is salty.

2. Why did Vijay Singh conclude that the ghost would not be a worthy opponent to him? Was he fair in his judgement?

Vijay was able to crush the stone while the ghost was not. So, Vijay told the ghost that he’s not a worthy opponent.

No, he was not fair in his judgement. He crushed the egg and pretended that stone was crushed.

3. Why did Vijay Singh ask the ghost to accompany him to town next day?

The ghost invited Vijay to his home. In lieu of this Vijay put a condition that if the ghost comes along with him the next day as a prisoner, then only he will come. He said this because if he would have brought the ghost to the village, it would have sufficed his boast that he had a fight with a ghost.

4. What made the ghost believe Vijay Singh was dead?

The ghost attacked the bolster seven times. This was too much for an ordinary man to turn in a lump. Vijay did not make any sound. From this, he thought that Vijay has gone.

5. Vijay Singh complained of insects in the cave. What was he referring to, and why?

The ghost strikes the bolster seven-time with a club. With seven flapping of the insect, he referred to those seven attacks. By this, Vijay was again boasting himself. By this, he conveyed that he is so strong and powerful that seven attacks by club did nothing to him.

6. Was it really a ghost who Vijay Singh befooled? Who do you think it was?

No, It was not a ghost. It was a thief or thug who looted travellers in the desert. The thug knew that Vijay is very powerful and staying away from him is better.

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