A Banyan Tree Summary

A Banyan Tree Summary Chapter 10 Class 6 Honeysuckle

The banyan tree is a story of a fight between a cobra snake and a mongoose.

The writer lives in his village with his grandfather and grand mother. There is a beautiful and big garden. In the garden ther is a big banyan tree. The author has maded a resting place on the forked branches o fthe banyan tree.

One day he saw a big cobra snake coming out  from the bushes. A mongoose also came out of the bushes. Soon, a fight between them started. The cobra and the mongoose both were cleaver and knew the opponent well. Cobra tried to decieve the mongoose. But mongoose was too clever. After few attempts of bite the snake was tired. The mongoose won the fight. He gripped the snake’s neck and brought him into the bushes.

Two birds: a myna and a crow were watching the incident too. They came whenever the snake was busy attacking the mongoose. But once snake striked the crow. As a result the crow became senseless.

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A Banyan Tree Summary Chapter 10 Class 6 Honeysuckle

Ref: Ch10.

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