10 lines on tortoise in English

10 lines on tortoise in English

  • Giant tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra) in a giant tortoise reserve on Floreana Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

    The tortoise is equalized living on both water and land.

  • There are about 225 species of turtles worldwide.
  • The water turtles and the land turtles species are different totally.
  • In India are primarily found in rivers and ponds.
  • Turtles found in the sea are of considerable size due to their stone-like body.
  • It is difficult to identify them on the ground. Turtles have 4 legs and a long neck which they can do in an odd.
  • Its round body is covered with a solid material such as a cover.
  • The upper part of the turtle is relieved, and the lower part is flat.
  • The number of turtles in the world is gracefully decreasing, and their species are on the verge of extinction.
  • If people are not brought awareness towards them, then this species can be destroyed entirely.
  • The turtle species is considered one of the oldest living species in the world.
  • It is also believed that these ancient species, such as mammals, birds, snacks, and lizards, had come to the earth before to save the turtle species.
  • World’s turtle Day is celebrated on the 23rd of every year across the globe.
  • The purpose of commemorating world turtle day is to attract people’s attention to the turtle and encourage them to save.

Interesting facts about tortoises

The Tortoise can hide their head and forelegs in their shell

Most tortoises can live 80 years and beyond.

Tortoises do not have ears like ours but they can feel vibrations.

The females have smaller tails and the males have longer tails.

They eat shrubs grasses and cactus

Tortoises don’t have teeth but have a very strong mouth.

The tortoises shell is made out of sixty bones.

Tortoises have an excellent sense of smell.

Tortoises are nearly as old as the dinosaurs.

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