10 Lines on importance of the Sun

10 Lines on importance of the Sun in English

  • What’s the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning?
  • We might go to the window ,open the curtains and let the morning sunshine, warm our face.
  • There’s nothing like the sun’s rays to brighten our day and get us to start.
  • We really enjoy the Sun whether playing on a sandy beach in the middle of summer or in a park
  • We love the warmth the Sun provides.
  • Sun is a good source of vitamin D which is good for our skin.
  • Have you ever wondered how important the Sun is to us here on earth? what would happen if the Sun suddenly disappeared?
  • The Sun is a star and the center of our solar system.
  • Everything in our solar system revolves around the Sun.
  • If the Sun were to suddenly disappear, earth and the other planets would retain their forward motion flying off into outer space.
  • Light from the Sun takes eight and a half minutes to reach Earth therefore we would still see the Sun in our sky eight and half minutes after it was gone
  • The sun’s rays on the dark side of the planet would also go dark .
  • Without sunlight photosynthesis, the process by which all plants generate food would stop.
  • Most plants would die within few days without the sun’s warmth.
  • The earth would quickly become a much colder place.
  • Scientists estimate that the average global surface temperature would drop below zero degree Fahrenheit within a week.
  • Any humans left on the planet’s surface would die soon after some animals which can accommodate this situation may live for few more days .
  • The temperature would continue to drop steadily.
  • Within a year the average global surface temperature could drop well below minus 100 degree fahrenheit.
  • By that time the top layers of the oceans of the world would have frozen over.
  • But it would take another thousand years for the complete seas to freeze solid .
  • They would eventually freeze as earth moved toward a stable average global surface temperature of about minus 400 degree Fahrenheit by then.
  • However the atmosphere would collapse.
  • Radiation would seep in and will not leave anyone to be alive.
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